Ways to save electricity

Ways to Save

Around 40% of home energy use is due to heating and cooling, set your heating from 18-20°C in winter and cooling from 25-27°C in summer. For every degree you increase heating and cooling you increase energy use between 5% and 10%. Consider using fans before air conditioning as they cost around 2 cents per hour to run, much less than air conditioning and adds airflow which improves heating efficiency.

Heating water accounts for 25% of household energy use. Install a water-efficient showerhead, allowing you to save on energy bills as less water is needed to be heated. Turn off your hot water storage system, especially when you’re away from home for more than a week.

Appliances accounts for 30% of household energy use. Buying energy-efficient appliances would have reduced running costs, it could potentially have savings that add up to more than initial price difference between non-energy efficient appliances over its life-time. Remember to turn off appliances when not in use as they still use power when left on, even when not in use.

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