Things to look out for in a solar installer


A significant factor but may not be the most important, some installers may offer cheap prices but once, you have installed and run into faults; you may find that the company has mysteriously disappeared, making you an unsecured creditor. You may be depending on a solar system everyday for 20-30 years, so make sure your install is of good quality and offers performance you are happy with. Generally, if the quote is cheaper than most installers it is likely to be too good to be true.

As for us, we have over 35 years in the industry and pride ourselves in expert craftmanship with decades worth of expertise. We tailor each solar solution for your specific needs and will not hesitate to tell you our honest thoughts and opinions on brands and our experiences with servicing them.

Warranties / Maintenance

Check that the solar panel and inverter warranty are supported by an Australian entity, as you wouldn’t want to resort to posting your items overseas just to have it serviced.

Ask the installer how they ensure your system is running properly, some are able to monitor your system over the internet or have a service scheme to inspect your solar power system regularly.

Ensure they give you a minimum performance guarantee in writing, this shows that they have enough confidence in their product and install. 

Craftsmanship / Installation

Ask your installer what kind of mounting system do they use, does it allow airflow in between panels and does it overhang the edge of the roof? These small details can make a big difference in performance of your solar power system.

Look at their previous installations if possible, inspect their craftsmanship and overall simplicity of the installation. Do they use stainless steel nuts and bolts to prevent corrosion with any aluminum framing? If there is aluminum framing on a tin roof, have they used an insulating separator to prevent corrosion (metals may react to each other, causing corrosion).

Look at the inverter installation, are the cables managed tidily and is the inverter protected from the sun?

Does the installer give you a quote with all the metering charges and paperwork for your electricity retailer? Do they give documentation as per Clean Energy Council guidelines?


It is good to maintain a good relationship with your installer/contractor, it is an investment and making sure you have good relations would ensure any problems are dealt with quickly and in a mutually beneficial way.

We would not hesitate to answer any questions, no matter how many and are always happy to explain in terms you can understand.

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