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There has never been a better time to make the switch thanks to more affordable and readily-available energy alternatives.

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We have over 35 years of experience in solar system design and installations. We draw from that and consider all aspects to provide a successful system; high performing and reliable and is tailored just for you.

As expert solar technicians, we have an eye for quality components for your install. Many of the brands we provide are award-winning, tier 1 solar panels that guarantee high performance and ensure that all components have been quality-controlled. 

We take pride in selecting the highest quality components with proven track-records and backed by industry-leading warranties. 

Solar Energy System

There has never been a better time to make the switch thanks to more affordable and readily-available energy alternatives.

We focus on a select handful of inverters for residential installations that have been tried and tested to perform for Adelaide homes and businesses.

With our over 35 years of operations, we have seen many different products and chosen our suppliers very carefully, based on warranty, longevity, performance and service from the manufacturer.

  • We stock entry-level systems to top-of-the-line components, all have been analysed and tested to ensure reliability.
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Solar Energy in  SA

South Australia is experiencing a surge of Solar Installations, prices are dropping, and returns are getting even more extraordinary.

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South Australia has cemented itself as the hub for renewable energy in Australia, though still, only 30% of households have solar PV systems installed on their roof. The SA government still offers generous incentives and rebates to encourage more residents to switch to solar, notably the STC rebate, starting to fade out until 1st January 2031.

There is no better time than now to get a solar PV system. 

Over 2 million Australians are benefiting from solar installations. With a more or less never-ending supply of sunshine, solar is much more affordable and a quality investment. Solar PV systems make for a low-maintenance and reliable source of energy. What’s not to like?

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Meet the Q.Peak Duo G9+


Compared even to previous models in the Q.PEAK DUO, the ML-G9+ offers some of the best yield levels on small size panels available today. The new generation Q.ANTUM cell concept allows customers to enjoy efficiency levels as high as 21.1%, breaking through the often insurmountable 20% efficiency barrier.

Combine this efficiency with anti-LID technology, and it can eliminate light-induced degradation and excellent all-weather ratings. You can enjoy a robust, durable panel that will provide energy to a home for many years to come.

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What to look for when choosing a panel?

If you’re looking to buy solar panels, it’s essential you think about more than just the price. Things like compatibility with your home / property, necessary certifications, and the size of the panels are all important considerations, among many others. You may want to check that your panels have the credentials required to qualify for government rebates.

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    5 star review  Peter was great , having a new build and being able to liaise to order the correct meter box for my electrician to install. Easy to organise installation and product is fantastic.

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    5 star review  We had issues with not receiving our production results by email. After contacting Ritchie at ITS, we were able to sort out the issue and remedy the problem. Well done and thanks Ritchie.

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  • 5 star review  Great reliable and highly professional service. I can highly recommend Peter and his team for any solar power solutions.

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    5 star review  Seldom have I had such high quality service as I received from these guys, Having purchased a system from them in 2006, I noticed a drop in output, I rang them, they came, inspected and advised all at no charge. Now that''s Service, Highly recommended.

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