Plasmatronics PL40 40A Solar Charge Controller

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The Plasmatronics PL40 is a solar charge controller, that handles 40 Amps of solar for 12, 24 or 48V batteries – with generator and load switching.

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Plasmatronics WYS, WXS, WZS Cable Double Adaptor

The Plasmatronics WYS, WXS, WZS Cable Double Adaptor. The PLDA double adaptor is used when daisy chaining Plasmatronics PL solar charge controllers, with WXS, WYS and WZS cables.


Plasmatronics PLM Remote Monitor

The PLM remote monitor is a remote screen for Plasmatronics PL series solar controllers. It shows exactly what is on the PL screen.


Plasmatronics PLI RS232 Serial interface

The Plasmatronics PLI is a device to allow the PL series solar controllers to communicate with a computer. RS232 interface.

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