Quality of Solar Panels made in China

Approximately 70% of all solar panel equipment is manufactured in China. But that doesn’t mean that Chinese companies make up 70% of solar manufacturers, just that the majority of companies around the globe either outsource their actual manufacturing to China or have their own manufacturing facilities there, allowing them to keep production costs low. Thus, homeowners should think about which aspects of solar panel production is important to them: where the components are made, where the solar panel is manufactured and/or where the company is headquartered.

The technological gap between European and Chinese solar brands has decreased significantly over the years. This decrease even has some German manufacturers producing their panels in China, Malaysia or South Korea. Much of the manufacturing process is automated by robots, the quality of products is extremely high.

China is considered one of the world leaders in crystalline silicon manufacturing and solar panel manufacturing with many reliable well established Chinese companies such as Jinko Solar and Trina Solar, where they are constantly improving manufacturing quality, panel performance and investing heavily in research and development.

The above-mentioned panels are well regarded by us and many other Australian installers.

Of course, all these qualities such as the panel’s efficiency, degradation rate, and warranty length tend to be closely correlated with the price and the brand of a given solar panel. More prominent brands tend to offer better warranty terms, higher efficiency rates, and lower degradation rates. However, they also tend to be more expensive. Though when it comes to cheaper solar panels, on the other hand, the opposite is typically true.

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