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Though Q Cells has since moved manufacturing to Malaysia and South Korea, they have not forgotten their German craftsman roots and retain stringent quality control processes.

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Q Cells are our preferred solar panel of choice, for good reasons.
Due to Australia’s hot climate and dry humidity, some panels do not perform well. Q Cells are the top-performing solar panels at Desert Knowledge Australian Solar Centre, where rigorous testing is done on panels in the heart of the Australian Outback and certified Australian-Grade.

At Natural Technology Systems, we strive to provide affordably priced solar to the community of South Australia with the quality that you can trust and rely on.

Introducing Q.Peak Duo G9 Series

— by Natural Technology Systems (NTS)


With Module efficiency of up to 21.1%, they offer outstanding performance that maximises solar generation.

Compared to previous models in the Q.PEAK DUO, the G9 series offers some of the best yield levels on small size panels available today. 

Combine this efficiency with anti-LID technology to eliminate light-induced degradation and excellent all-weather ratings, and you get a robust, durable panel that will provide energy to a home for many years to come.

The new generation Q.ANTUM cell concept allows customers to enjoy efficiency levels as high as 21.1%, breaking through the often insurmountable 20% efficiency barrier.

  • EUPD Top Brand PV Module 2020
  • Monocrystalline Q.ANTUM zero gap cell
  • PID Free Resistant
  • Great durability
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Q Cells have long been regarded as one of several solar industry leaders in PV cell technology. 

With the release of the new G9 series panels, Q Cells have maintained their position as a leading manufacturer, although they do come at a price premium. However, the relatively small additional cost for higher quality panels brings greater performance, reliability and increased generation over the system’s life.

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The combination of aesthetically pleasing and high performing panels at a low cost has made Q CELLS an increasingly popular choice for solar shoppers.

Q Cells is one of the world’s largest solar panel manufacturers and is headquartered in Germany. Q CELLS has many different product lines in the Q.PEAK DUO series: from the G5 up through the G7, including several sleek, all-black panel options.


They are high-quality, reliable panels, and I have no problem recommending them.

Today Hanwha Q CELLS is putting less emphasis on their “Engineered in Germany” slogan, and the Australian Q CELLS website now clearly lists all 4 countries they perform research in. It makes me feel proud of humanity to see people of different nations working together to create the renewable energy technology needed to protect the environment.


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