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All Fronius solar inverters are engineered, designed and manufactured in Austria. We offer all the Fronius models that are made in Australia.

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Fronius is the brand that we believe to be the best


Fronius offer the best 3-phase solar inverters range from 8kW to 30kW. With the best reviews in service, quality and most importantly reliability, it is the favorite of Australian homeowners and installers now.

At Natural Technology Systems, we strive to provide affordably priced solar to the community of South Australia with the quality that you can trust and rely on.

Introducing Fronius SnapInverters 

— by Natural Technology Systems (NTS)

The inverter generation for maximum self-consumption ideal for residential application.

Features includes:

  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Super flex design and ready smart grid
  • Dual power point trackers
  • High system voltage
  • Arc- Fault Circuit Interruption
  • Super lightweight with the most communicative, efficient and streamlined residential inverter

They also have other smart features like SunSpec Modbus Interface for seamless monitoring and datalogging, with superb online and mobile platform Fronius Solar.web. 

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Best 3-phase solar inverters for commercial or residential usages. 

Fronius is widely considered a leading solar inverter manufacturer. When you sum it up, the reasons are pretty simple – high build quality, proven performance and reliability from an experienced manufacturer.

Clean Energy Review

In 2019, the Fronius Symo ranked as a top performer in the following tests: High Temperature Operation, Transient Response, Ground and Arc Fault.

A unique aspect about Fronius inverters is the SnapINverter technology. It’s a standardised wall mounted bracket with the inverter on a hinge system. This enables easy access for servicing as the inverter opens like a car boot, without needing to be removed from the wall.

Jack Boutchard / SolarChoice

Fronius has a solid history and an impressive Austrian manufacturing facility. Austrian perfectionism shines through in the build of their inverter.

The Fronius Primo lines up every version you would want, crowned by the versatile 5kW Primo SC. While the smaller Fronius Symo can be restrictive, those restrictions can be overcome by using a 10kW Fronius Symo. Fronius Solar Web is the best and getting better, and the smart meter is the icing on the cake.

Mark Cavanagh / MC Electrical

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