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We are CEC accredited solar retailers using award-winning components for our solar packages, ranging from 1.5 kW to 10 kW and beyond.

Recent Completed Projects 


“We are living the best life ever! Thank you Kim” – Jack & Ava

Jack and Ava live with their two sons and daughter. 

They are considering a swimming pool to cool off during the summer and invite friends and family over. Jack found that with the addition of a swimming pool, their power bill would be a whopping $968.17 per quarter. Ava suggested buying a solar system, with the family using 33 kWh a day. With advice from Natural Technology, they decided to install a 6.6 kW system. Afterwards they saw their power bill drop to $475.02 per quarter, saving them $1972.60 a year. Even with a 8c feed-in tariff, their estimated payback was 2.53 years. Talk about energy efficiency!

Commercial | Prospect, SA

“Thanks Peter for the Big Help” – Jacob

Jacob runs a small artisan bakery, to ensure his goods are baked fresh everyday, he has employees coming in at 2 am to prepare the dough and Jacob opens his bakery from 7 am to 7 pm. Throughout that time, machines are constantly running and that consumes a lot of electricity, about 127 kWh a day. Looking to reduce his operating costs, he came across solar and was recommended a 30 kW system. Jacob was paying about $3726 per quarter alone, but afterwards only had to spend $1687.60 per quarter, saving $8153.6 per annum.

Residential | Medindie, SA

“@Richee, Great guy, gave us worry proof solar system” – Daniel & Jane

Daniel and Jane are expecting their second child, with their oldest son Steve turning five soon, they found him watching the TV more and more. The young couple are quite energy-conservative and use a conservative 16.4 kWh a day. As years pass and they are expecting their children to grow up, they anticipate higher energy usage and look into solar to save up on costs. They found that a 4 kW system was suitable for their needs, this slashed their power bills down from $511 to $258.84 per quarter. With a 4 kW system, they see returns of 26.54% per year, that’s even better than the bank!

Getting solar on your roof is a relatively straightforward process so don’t miss out on the benefits.

“At Natural Technology Systems, we strive to provide affordably priced solar to the community of South Australia, our priority is to provide quality service and be a provider that Adelaide businesses and residents can trust and rely on.”