Electricity tips to keep you safe from hazards

At times we take electricity for granted, it is unavoidable due to the convenience of technology, a simple flick and our house is lit, warmed up and all of our favorite appliances are running smoothly without hassle.

However, as some people know; electricity can be costly and dangerous. We have pulled from our experience some tips that you can use to better manage electricity in your home.

Check for damage on appliances

Check for frayed or damaged cords and cracked or broken outlets. Don’t use these appliances or outlets as they are a risk to your being. Also, it is not recommended to chain extension chords as it’s considered a fire hazard, do yourself a favor and just use one long extension cord.

Safely Shut off your appliances

Around 10% of your home’s electricity consumption goes to stand-by power, stand-by power is the amount of wattage used by electrical devices when plugged in but not actively used. This is waste of unnecessary electricity costs. Unplug any standby devices when not in use.

Don’t let your appliances get dusty

Dust accumulates fast, me myself and many others sometimes disregard dusting as it’s one of those chores that seem trivial. Dust won’t hurt me, right?

Oh, but it will, neglecting dust can cause serious problems to appliances like reduced efficiency and fire hazards.

Dust is filled with bacteria, which can over time spread to other surfaces. Dust build-up also prevents air from circulating in your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. This leads to congestion and cause higher energy bills and increase wear and tear on components inside those appliances.

Understand how your switchboard works

Key Differences Between Fuses and Circuit Breakers | Steiner Electric  Company Blog

Learn how to operate your switchboard, if you switch off the wrong circuit, it could lead to damage, risk of injury especially in an emergency.

Switchboards are an annoyance to learn but it’s worth it. Understand the difference between a circuit breaker and a fuse box. Fuses are there to immediately shut down your circuit when there is an overload of electricity. This is paramount when encountering electrical problems in your home.

Patch-up Water leaks

Water leaks are common problems but they are not good. When water leaks into your walls, it can spread to electrical sockets and damage the circuitry and any other appliances plugged into them.

It is recommended to fix any sign of water damage in your home. Don’t put off getting repairs done because they’re expensive, get it fixed before it snowballs into an even bigger problem. Water damage down the road can cause appliances to catch fire due to a short circuit.

Give your appliances some space

Don’t position your household appliances too close to each other. Most appliances emit air and if too close, they won’t vent properly. This leads to reduced efficiency and also heat build-ups which can lead to early system failure.

Don’t try DIY electrical work

It is highly recommended to find a qualified electrician to do your electrical work, it is full of risks and one small mistake is very dangerous.

Just hire an electrician who has all the right tools and equipment to ensure that everything is done correctly. Though it might seem initially expensive at first, it will save you more time and money without encountering more potential problems down the line, due to faulty wiring and any other improper installation.

Install Solar Panels

The cost of solar is a like drop in the ocean compared to the amount of savings you would get in your electrical life-time. The cost of solar has been dropping constantly over the years. What’s more they are safe, and require relatively less maintenance.

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