Site inspections

Having a site inspection is vital to know your circumstances so that a quote can be given to match your needs and highlight any changes that need to be made at the site. Like most companies, we offer a no obligations free inspection; one of your technicians can visit your home or site, taking note of trees, sun direction so that we can determine suitable orientation for panels, that way we can maximize your solar output.

Solar companies who are unable to do a free site inspection are likely only looking to sell you products rather than provide after-sales support, typically leading to shoddy craftsmanship and install. Lessen the risk of being an unsecured creditor, many customers have found that many solar installers or companies have left the industry, leaving you stranded with no way to get support and having worthless warranties. Ensure you get quality products, know their warranty information, company history and reputation. This way you will have ease of mind with your investment.