Power purchase agreements

What is it? #

A power purchase agreement is an agreement with a Solar PPA provider, such as us to install a Solar PV system on your premises. It is a long-term contract for to purchase electricity generated by the solar panel system installed. It costs nothing upfront and guarantees immediate savings. It is an investment that is risk-free and 100% cash flow positive, through maintenance agreements and insurances.

Entering a contract with us does not mean you have to leave your current power provider and would not affect the stability of your current power connection to the property.

Power Purchase Agreement (behind the meter) for business
Sustainability Victoria

How it works #

There is zero capital expenditure however, we do still own the system although we will maintain and manage the system for the duration of the agreement which where we pass on the ownership of the system to your organization. Many businesses choose this option in order to finance a solar project and you may choose to buy the energy generated by the system, where generally solar energy is much cheaper than conventional electricity.

Benefits #

  • No up-front costs
  • Instant energy bill savings from time of installation
  • Energy costs remain an operational expense, therefore tax deductible
  • We are responsible for all operation and maintenance costs, where we hold high standards to quality and workmanship