Embedded networks and Micro-grids

What is it? #

Embedded networks, or microgrids, are electricity infrastructure installed in apartments, shopping centers or multi-tenanted commercial precincts.  Electricity is purchased at a bulk discount and sold to tenants at reduced rates. They do not require the involvement of a traditional retailor.

Solar PV in embedded networks #

Commercial Solar Panels
Infinite Energy Commercial Solar Embedded Networks

You have the ability to add solar PV to an embedded network, it is an cheaper form of energy and therefore the potential for larger revenue due to a larger markup.

They also have the ability to add a battery storage system to a solar-powered embedded network which would result in even more savings which is versatile for industrial spaces that require 24/7 energy usage.

Key Elements #

  • Hardly complicated as one gateway meter is used therefore only one bill from the retailor for the whole property
  • Tenant meters installed to measure individual electricity consumption for separate units such as offices or apartments.
  • Solar power system to provide power to the embedded network, cheaper rates than purchasing electricity elsewhere
  • Commercial battery systems to maximize the self-sufficiency of the entire network

Exporting Solar #

With an embedded network, you are still able to export electricity to the grid, albeit with approval and the requirement of an export license. If an export is approved, a solar-powered-embedded network can generate passive income by exporting excess electricity to the grid. As the national electricity expands, it is likely that in the future solar electricity exports are higher in demand, and approvals more easily given.