Will Solar Panels affect my roof?

One concern for home-owners is that installing solar panels may damage their roof due to the process of drilling holes to secure the panels using mounting systems, another concern would be if solar panels were to affect your home insurance. Mounting systems installed correctly do not cause damage to the roof.

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Clenergy mounting kit being installed on roof

How they are installed #

Solar panels can be installed on many roof types, the most common in Australia being tiled roofs. Solar panels are installed by removing tiles and screwing in stainless steel brackets to the rafters and tiles being re-installed in their former position. The railing systems are mounted onto the steel brackets, leaving space between the roof and panel. This allows for air circulation between the solar panels and tiles which helps cool the solar panels during hot days.

Installers make sure the weight of the frame and panels are spread across the covered area, although solar panels are light, it is crucial for technicians to access your roof before installation as some roofs may not be strong enough for solar panels. In which case, additional frame structure may be needed before installation. Installers will also ensure that you have extra tiles on hand to replace any broken tiles.

Are they covered by my home insurance? #

Most home and business insurance companies will cover the solar power electric system as part of your home or business insurance. We recommend that you call your insurance company prior to having the system installed to notify them and have it added to the insurance. In many cases this addition should not increase the premium.