Solar Panel efficiency

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Solar Power Efficiency is the percentage of solar energy that hits the panel surface that is converted to electrical energy generated by the module. The higher the efficiency, the more watts of electricity you can get per square meter of panel, this also means that you can get smaller panels with the same electrical output but less roof space is needed. Effectively, conventional solar panel efficiencies range from about 15% up to just over 21%.

Solar Panels in Australian Climate #

Due to Australia’s notorious hot climate, Solar Panels may face faster degradation if the manufacturer did not account for that, this reduces overall Lifespan and solar panel performance hence lower solar panel efficiency in general.

Contrary to belief that panels would generate more electricity on a hot sunny day, solar energy production is dependent on the amount of light that hits the solar panel, in fact the heat from the sun actually degrades the efficiency of the panel. The optimum temperature for solar panels is 25C but that refers to the internal temperature of the panel and not the atmospheric temperature. On a 30C day, the panel could at least be 60C which is much higher than the optimum and cause the panel to underperform by 5% which is not all too bad.