Choosing good-quality Solar Panels

About #

The things to note when choosing solar panels is to compare multiple brands, taking into account their wattage, price, efficiency rates, and other relevant criteria. Then, make a careful evaluation of your budget and of each panel’s unique qualities - including its brand - to make the right choice for your home energy needs.

Cost of Solar decreasing #

In recent years, the cost of solar panels in Australia has significantly decreased. Solar panels are priced anywhere from less than a hundred dollars to upwards of five hundred dollars each these days. Typically, in a 5-kW system, the difference in price between cheaply manufactured panels of unknown quality that could have been put together by anyone and the Tier 1 panel built by robots in an internationally accredited, quality-assured, spotless factory is about 10% of the overall system cost. We see a trend where people are choosing relatively unknown panels and risk multiple defects and failures, where support from these manufacturers are generally nil and causing more hassle for customers.

Summary #

In summary, although solar photovoltaic (PV) modules or simply solar panels have not changed much in basic function over the last 30-40 years. Virtually all solar panels still use a series of silicon cells to convert sunlight to DC electricity. What has changed dramatically is the efficiency of the cells, the quality of manufacturing and additional support and warranty and any other additional features, the upside being that companies are making huge cost reductions to manufacture panels, which has seen prices come down by over 80% since 2008.