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An off-grid solar power system generates electricity from solar panels and store it into solar batteries to power your business without connecting to the grid. Solar and battery storage can provide your business with energy security, more stable and predictable operating costs, and improve cash flow. Being in a remote location may mean that connecting to the national electricity grid simply isn’t an option. Compared to older off-grid systems, modern off-grid technology is very easy to maintain, fully automated and can be monitored and controlled online. A further benefit of modern off-grid systems is the quality of the power they produce. This power quality is often better than the average grid electricity and will extend the lifespan of your appliances and machinery.

Off-grid solar systems consist of roof- or ground-mounted solar panels, a battery bank to store energy, an integrated backup diesel generator and an Inverter and/or Charger to act as an interface between the different inputs.

When you depend on the renewable energy for all your power needs speaks to our in-house engineer to design a solar, wind or hybrid system that is fully integrated with battery storage and generators to run all necessary equipment.  This service also extends to farm equipment, pumps and off-grid energy management systems.

Batteries and Energy Storage
Commercial battery storage systems

Battery Storage #

If you are looking into stand-alone storage for commercial applications we will size a battery system to meet your business’ needs. We will give you advice about the different technologies including lithium and traditional deep-cycle batteries. From blackout protection to having a fully rechargeable business we will install a quality storage system for you.

Energy Management Systems #

Know that you are on the best energy plan for your needs. Monitor, budget and forecast your own energy use with an integrated EMS. Cloud-based technology monitors solar system outputs, equipment use, consumer behaviour and energy markets to optimise your return on investment and reduce your payback period.

Commercial solar benefits #

The International Energy Agency has announced as of December 2020 that solar power is the cheapest form of electricity in the world.

Reducing Power Bill #

A commercial solar system would reduce operating costs , a solar system would mostly off-set any of the variable charges on your electricity bill. Solar could also potentially reduce Demand and Capacity charges by generating your own power and avoid exceeding load thresholds and reduce capacity charges significantly. Solar will deliver monthly and yearly savings on your bill, and enjoy ease of mind with the long-term warranties that accompany solar power components.

Grants #

There are numerous grants that businesses are eligible for, especially in South Australia; where a large push for South Australian Businesses to become more sustainable. Contact Us for more information if your organisation is eligible for an additional grant.

Tax Benefits #

Natural Technology can provide you details to take advantage of this, complying with ATO requirements; Small businesses (under $2 million revenue) can apply for accelerated depreciation for purchases under $20,000.

Environmental Benefits #

Solar first and foremost brings environmental benefits, which could be marketed to demonstrate your commitment for sustainability of the environment.

Feed-in Tariffs #

Although commonly applied for residential solar, Feed-in Tariffs are less important for commercial installations. Feed-in tariffs apply for electricity exported back to the grid, providing a financial return on unused electricity. Most businesses may not be able to take advantage of this due to consuming electricity mainly during daylight hours, only able to sell unused electricity with the aid of battery storage systems. Contact us to find more information and advice about Feed-in Tariffs.