Off-grid Applications

Different use cases #

Solar panels for caravans or campers: tips, types, fitting kits

Boats and Caravans #

Natural Technologies provide off-grid energy solutions for Boats and Caravans, consider installing off-grid solar power on your boat or caravan. They are very beneficial as they can: save you money, safer method of electricity generation, save space and suffer from fewer power interruptions.

If you own a caravan, adding solar is highly recommend. You’ll no longer have to rely on a power point to charge your batteries and run electrical appliances. The easiest way is to mount solar panels on the roof of your caravan as well as an extra battery(s) so that you have power day and night. It’s the best investment in your caravan you’ll ever make.

We have everything you need in stock all you need to do is tell us what appliances you intend on running from your solar and we’ll let you know what system will be most suited to your requirements. If you would like any assistance please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Benefits #

Money saver #

The upfront cost of installing an off-grid solar system may be high at first, but is cheaper in the long run, especially after paying off your investment. With a relatively short payback period, you can expect your investment paying itself off in 3-5 years generally. After offsetting your initial cost, you will be enjoying free unlimited electricity thereafter.

Much safer #

Solar power is a safer method of generating electricity as it does not involve combustion of any material to produce power. Solar power utilizes voltaic cells to convert solar radiation into energy. Maintenance is minimal compared to a diesel power generator; you leave your solar power system running at all times.

Space saver #

Retrofit your boat or caravan with solar power, panels come in all shapes sizes to suit most motorhome installation areas, only solar panels and a battery pack would be needed, saving you lots of space without having to rely on bulky, heavy off-grid power generation methods.

Fewer power interruptions #

Wherever you may be, as long as you have enough electricity in your battery, you wouldn’t be worrying about power outages as you can always generate energy from the sun. Also with less moving parts compared to a generator, there is a lesser chance of malfunction and thus fewer power interruptions.

How big of a system do I need? #

Going Solar, it would be best to use the minimal amount of energy as possible, to optimise your energy savings and save more. The number of solar panels you should use is dependent on your energy usage, also it is important to consider the sizing of the system on your boat or caravan.