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SA Home Battery Scheme – What to know

The Home Battery Scheme is a subsidy for all grid-connected systems – provided by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation – to help pay for the cost of a home battery system. It is available to all South Australians buying a energy-storage equipped solar PV system. The subsidy only covers the battery component of a system. […]

Flexible Solar Exports: What to know

Also known as ‘dynamic export limiting’, it is an alternative to low or zero export limits, via the introduction of ‘Flexible Exports’ which automatically adjusts between 1.5kW to 10kW of export limiting per phase. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) is funding trials for flexible exports in Victoria and South Australia, shaping up as a […]

Calling all South Australians, please recycle your solar panels

Source: Although Australia is the world leader in the installation of residential rooftop solar panels, we’re not very good at recycling them. Most broken or expired panels end up in landfill which does not only create an environmental problem but it also takes away space where we could be recycling these materials instead of […]

Things to watch out for in Solar Retailers

When buying solar, there are a few things to keep in mind. We’ve compiled some tips to avoid any headache further down your solar journey. Be sure to focus on the important aspects of your purchase as it’s a substantial investment and one you’ll be living with for a long time.  Recommendation The best place […]

‘Inappropriate Sales’, a solar cautionary tale.

There are too many people who are at the mercy of inappropriate solar sales practices, with a record of 378,000 solar systems installed in Australian households last year, but the switch to solar hasn’t come easy.  There is not enough Protection when things go wrong The CEC recorded 97 complaint cases this quarter, of which […]

Renewable Energy is booming – it’s role in our economic recovery

Renewables are reaching a tipping point, where they are now not just competitive with fossil fuels in terms of energy output but also cost. The renewable energy industry is on the come up and the ceiling seems limitless. Not just that the planet has to reduce its carbon footprint, renewables are a cost-effective way for […]

New renewable projects will be cheaper than coal.

Source: Renewable energy projects outperform any of the most efficient coal power plants on the planet. They provide more affordable and viable energy alternatives for a future without fossil fuels. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has released a report that showed 62% of renewable energy projects installed in 20202 would produce cheaper and […]

Trouble with unsafe DC isolators

Image: Safer Solar Rooftop DC isolators have come under fire lately due to safety and regulatory concerns. In an interview with pv magazine, head of Queensland-based renewables company REA Global , Michael Mrowka has stated that, “One example is the AS/NZS 5033 standard that mandates rooftop solar isolators, which have become the largest single cause […]

What happens to solar panels after 25 years.

Every few years we hear about advancements to solar technology, but to most solar home owners; solar is a one-time done type deal. Solar panels themselves have the highest expected life-span out of a solar system’s components, with an average of 25 years. The question is what happens after those 25 years? There are over […]

Many Australians are installing solar but not batteries

The number of solar adopters has risen from 0.2% of households to 20% now, where over 2.6 million households nation-wide have solar. But people are saying there is no need for batteries at this time. Benn Barr of the Australian Energy Market Commission says ‘All of that power coming in at the same time in […]

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