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Ways to save electricity

Ways to Save Around 40% of home energy use is due to heating and cooling, set your heating from 18-20°C in winter and cooling from 25-27°C in summer. For every degree you increase heating and cooling you increase energy use between 5% and 10%. Consider using fans before air conditioning as they cost around 2 […]

Things to look out for in a solar installer

Cost A significant factor but may not be the most important, some installers may offer cheap prices but once, you have installed and run into faults; you may find that the company has mysteriously disappeared, making you an unsecured creditor. You may be depending on a solar system everyday for 20-30 years, so make sure […]

Things to look out for before signing a solar contract

Make sure it’s easy to understand Ensure the term’s are written using plain language, simple to understand. Use of legalese is simply not necessary and just raises doubt about the contractor. Only sign when you are clear on the terms and what you are getting Under Australian Consumer Law, all verbal promises are ‘express warranties’ […]

7 Popular Solar Power Myths – We Debunk Them

Millions of homes across Australia have solar panels. But there are so many more who don’t – it’s time for the rest to follow suit! We often hear people give these excuses for not installing their solar power system – and in many cases, there is no reason to wait. Myth: Solar Panels don’t work […]

Can solar power my home during a blackout?

Yes and no. During a power outage, your grid-connected solar power systems must by law shut down if the grid loses power. This is so that linesman can safely repair faulty electricity wires without the risk of any solar power travelling back to the grid, creating danger to the service personnel. Therefore, during a blackout, […]

What’s the difference between single phase and three phase?

In a solar system, phase refers the distribution of an energy load. Single phase refers to a power circuit with two wires, the power wire and the neutral wire. Three phase refers to a power supply with three power wires that are 120 degrees apart. Difference between configurations Residential homes usually run on a single-phase […]

Quality of Solar Panels made in China

Approximately 70% of all solar panel equipment is manufactured in China. But that doesn’t mean that Chinese companies make up 70% of solar manufacturers, just that the majority of companies around the globe either outsource their actual manufacturing to China or have their own manufacturing facilities there, allowing them to keep production costs low. Thus, homeowners should think […]

The cost of electricity for household appliances

It is important to understand how much electricity you use, understanding which appliances contribute the most towards your power bill. This is useful when deciding which appliances to cut back on, approximately 40% of the total energy bill is due to heating and cooling. The unit for appliances is in wattage, where a kwh is […]

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