Many Australians are installing solar but not batteries

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The number of solar adopters has risen from 0.2% of households to 20% now, where over 2.6 million households nation-wide have solar. But people are saying there is no need for batteries at this time.

Benn Barr of the Australian Energy Market Commission says ‘All of that power coming in at the same time in the middle of the day for an electricity network that was set up to get power to your house is causing problems, we like to refer to it as traffic jams or congestions’.

The challenge is that there is more solar being generated than what is demanded during the limited generation period in the middle of the day. All that energy is going to waste, as there is no way to store it for night-time use.

Battery sales are growing, over 31,000 were installed last year and there are now a total of 110,000 households with batteries but that is still less than 5% of all homes with energy storage.

It is noted that it’s mostly new solar systems that are getting batteries.

How do you encourage the masses who already have solar to invest in solar?

A big barrier that accosts families is the high cost of installing batteries.

Matthew Blair, Home solar owner says ‘I would like it to last a long time for the amount of money that it’s going to cost me because if I weighed that up against whatever electricity cost coming off the grid and it was more expensive, then that’s not really worth it for me’.

Subsidies are ramping up nationally and feed-in tariffs continue to fall, so people have to decide what their next course of action is to be.

Those who have invested in battery, report they are happy with the results.

Thomas Brown, proud owner of a battery system. ‘I think the batteries are the way of the future really’.


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