Things to look out for before signing a solar contract


Make sure it’s easy to understand

Ensure the term’s are written using plain language, simple to understand. Use of legalese is simply not necessary and just raises doubt about the contractor.

Only sign when you are clear on the terms and what you are getting

Under Australian Consumer Law, all verbal promises are ‘express warranties’ and therefore the company has to honor them. Make sure any spoken assurances are written on the contract.

For example, our salesperson will happily talk you through the contract and highlight any terms or clauses that may result in delays or extra costs under certain circumstances. Anything that may warrant this would be explained to you after a site inspection.

We also will prove you after-sales support to ensure your PV system is performing according to predictions, helping you make changes if the performance of the system is widely different from what is expected.

Make sure you are certain on when the system would be installed and how long to have the meter changed over, as you won’t be able to use your solar power system until that is done.

Check out The Clean Energy Council’s Approved Solar Retailer Scheme

Approved Solar Retailers have been approved by the Clean Energy Council as demonstrating their commitment to responsible sales and solar industry best practice.

We are an approved retailer ourselves but choosing anyone on the list and you should expect a well-installed, quality system.

We will not pressure you into signing a contract

A comprehensive quote with detailed savings predictions and transparent assumptions are good signs of a professional solar company.

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