Solar Power Myths


Solar technology is a fast-emerging industry but is ultimately still new, with so much misinformation, this article aims to debunk some of the myths of solar power.

Myth: Solar Panels don’t work on cloudy days

Solar Panels operate on sunlight, it is thought that on cloudy days, you cannot generate solar power as the sunlight is being blocked by the clouds. But this is simply not true as clouds don’t block out all the sunlight and thus are still able to work on overcast days, although not as well as on a sunny day. Clouds do filter out sunlight, depending on the type of cloud, they can form a strong barrier that will reduce your electricity production.

False. Wherever there is sunlight, your solar panels will still generate electricity.

Myth: Solar is expensive and not worth the long pay-back period

People have been avoiding solar due to the misconception that the cost of solar panels are too expensive and is only for those looking to be more environmentally friendly. In SA, we have many incentives and schemes that help reduce the upfront cost of a system and solar is becoming cheaper and cheaper as technology is getting better, the average payback-period is now 3-5 years for your investment to pay itself off.

False. Solar is becoming cheaper than traditional electricity and there are many programs to make solar affordable

Myth: Solar panels will give me electricity during a black-out

A solar system would not provide backup electricity, the energy produced by your panels is not stored and is sent back to the grid if not in-use. You would need a battery installed with your system, but this is a feature that may require a bit of setting up, talk your needs with our installer and request for black-out functionality.

False. Solar panels do not act as a back-up generator, you would need a battery for that.

Myth: Installing a solar system would get rid of my electricity bill

Buying the right-sized solar system is based upon your electricity needs, your bill also fluctuates depending on your usage during time of day. You have to consider how much savings you are expecting from your investment and then choosing a system accordingly, you may still need to rely on grid electricity if your panels do not produce enough for the day.

False. Installing a solar system will make your electricity bills cheaper but to maximize savings, you should improve your energy usage habits

Myth: Solar panels are not worth it since I don’t use electricity during the day

A concern might be that without a battery system, a household might not be able to take advantage of solar power if they are not home during the day. However, you can still benefit through solar feed-in tariffs and timers. You can still earn back credit towards your electricity bill by selling solar power to the grid and consider optimising your energy habits, by running appliances on a timer during the day and charging gadgets during the day.

False. Solar power will still make savings even if you don’t use it during the day.

Myth: Solar panels needs a lot of maintenance

For the non tech-savvy, solar panels are an intimidating endeavour due to the need for maintenance. But, ease your worries as you only need to regularly clean your panels of debris and dirt and remove sources of shading to ensure maximum performance. Provided that your panels come with no faults, any issues can be dealt with by referring to the user manuals or contacting our technical team.

False. Solar panels are pretty much maintenance-free

Myth: Solar Panels will damage my roof

When installing panels onto your roof, installers use mounting brackets to hold panels secure and steadily. As we are accredited by the Clean Energy Council, our installers are of high quality and should be able to flag any existing damage on your roof that may hinder the installation process.

False. Installers are highly-trained to install panels without damaging your roof at all.

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