Solar power during a blackout


Yes and no. During a power outage, your grid-connected solar power systems must by law shut down if the grid loses power. This is so that linesman can safely repair faulty electricity wires without the risk of any solar power travelling back to the grid, creating danger to the service personnel. Therefore, during a blackout, you won’t have access to power.

Battery Backup System

You have a battery backup system connected to your solar array with blackout protection, though keep in mind not all home battery systems have blackout protection. Storage batteries with blackout protection allow you to keep important appliances like the fridge, wi-fi and lights running throughout a power outage. This may be an option to consider especially as Australia is subject to extreme weather conditions, with blackouts being somewhat frequent.

It is also important to note that with a battery system, you can always store solar energy for future use, like during the night when your solar system is not generating solar power or you can always choose to store it and sell it back to the grid.

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