5 Solar Myths Debunked

Millions of homes across Australia have solar panels. But there are so many more who don’t – it’s time for the rest to follow suit!

We often hear people give these excuses for not installing their solar power system – and in many cases, there is no reason to wait.

Myth: Solar is too expensive now / not worth it anymore

That’s not true! Though Solar used to be very expensive back in the day, but has since gotten cheaper every year so on, having the cost drop 80% in the last decade. There are also some misconceptions with solar pv systems not profiting as much as they used to. This comes from confusing the feed-in tariff with the solar rebate. Feed-in tariffs being the cash back from exporting power to the grid using excess energy generated by your solar pv system, though it is true the feed-in tariff are dropping in value each new year.

There is also the solar rebate, which gives you an up-front discount when buying a system. Though the feed-in tariff was much higher back then, owners had to deal with high up-front costs. Nowadays you can achieve full pay-back within 3-4 years as system prices are more affordable and the rebate still being at large.

Note that the rebate won’t be around forever and will reduce each year until it ends on 1st January 2031.

Myth: My Roof is not North-Facing

North-facing is where you get the most sunshine, back when solar panels were very expensive, it was more sensible to install solar panels on a north-facing rooftop to maximise returns and minimize pay-back period.

The price of solar panels has dropped dramatically in the past few years, with high feed-in tariffs also now a thing of the past. However, regardless of your orientation, a solar pv system is still worth it and still pays.

In fact, by installing solar panels on more than one orientation you can improve the amount of self-generated power. This will lift your energy consumption and extract the maximum possible value from your panels.

Myth: Electricity prices are dropping

The wholesale price of electricity is indeed falling thanks to solar, with only one third of your bill coming from wholesale electricity. However, it’s unlikely prices will drop enough to make investing in rooftop solar worthwhile at the moment.

So, why wait for that potential lower electricity bill when you can cover your power needs now and have the guarantee of no or very low bills?

Myth: I’ll be export limited.

At some spots, homeowners find that they can only go ahead with an installation if the installer sets limits on how much power their system can export to the grid. It’s going to sound awful, but the impact is likely far less than you might think. Even in the relatively rare event of no exporting at all, solar can still be worth it.

Myth: I hoping the rebate goes up

The solar rebate is dependent on STCs. STCs regularly fluctuate in value, right now the value of STCs is close to their maximum value, so hoping for STCs to reach their maximum value will be of little financial profit. STC values can drop, which means it may not be a good idea to wait. What is certain is that if you wait too long, the rebate will decrease every year and will be entirely phased out in 2031.

Conclusion – Just do it.

Most Australians put off installing solar panels for some of these five reasons, but the benefits of proceeding with an installation now are that you are locking in your electricity rates

With that in mind, make a start on getting solar installed.

If you enjoy the benefits of solar power & know other people who could benefit from them but haven’t install them yet, send them to this page for some motivation.

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