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Solar Hot Water

Natural Technology Systems work in conjunction with Rinnai Australia to provide you with quality Solar Hot Water Installations. Water heating accounts for about 30 percent of an average household's total greenhouse gas emissions and about the same proportion of total household energy use. By installing a solar water heater, you can greatly reduce your energy bills, as it will use energy from the sun to heat water at zero cost.

Using solar energy to heat water produces no harmful greenhouse gas emissions. A solar water heater can provide between 50 percent and 90 percent of your total hot water requirements, depending on the climate and the model of heater.

Rinnai currently offer two different types of systems, Close-Coupled; with the tank & Collectors on the roof or a Split-System; Collectors on the roof and tank on the ground. In addition to these system types Rinnai also offer two varieties of Hot Water tank; the standard Vitreous Enamel Tanks or Stainless Steel. Units come with either Electric of Gas backup for times of the year when Solar alone is not enough to heat the water.

Rebates on Solar Hot Water

At current there is one rebate that can be claimed on the installation of a Solar Hot Water System. This rebate every system installed creates a varying number of Renewable Energy Certificates (REC’s) depending on the size of the unit and number of collectors. This figure is generally speaking around the $1000 mark. The state government offers a rebate to people with a Pension or Healthcare Card and it is valued at $500. These rebates can greatly reduce the initial cost of a Solar Hot Water installation making it a viable investment for the years to come.

For more information on the Rinnai range of Solar Hot Water solutions contact us.

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