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Grid-Connected Solar Electricity

Natural Technology Systems offers the latest and most sophisticated grid-connected solar electricity systems, utilising Natural Technology Systems modules. Natural Technology Systems has been distributing modules for over 25 years.

Natural Technology Systems is an Accredited Installer.

This will benefit you as it ensures that your system is installed by a company holding all required industry accreditations from the Clean Energy Council. This will result in the installation of a safe solar system that will operate safely at all times as well as exceeding Australian Standards. Installations by a Natural Technology Systems Certified Installer also carry an industry best 5 Year Warranty ensuring you have a system backed by “a name you can trust.”

With the Natural Technology team, your system will be designed and tailored satisfy all your energy requirements while offering professional advice and support in helping you achieve your clean energy goals.



A solar electricity system is a sound financial investment which can significantly reduce electricity bills, while also protecting against inevitable electricity price increases by providing a fixed generation cost. You will add value to your home or business by installing a grid-connected solar electricity system, which is a very attractive asset for prospective buyers.

At current rates a standard Grid-Connected Solar System will pay itself off in 6-9 years. Once the system has paid itself off you have effectively free power for your home. With our industry leading Natural Technology Systems 25 year power output warranty, 10 year warranty on SMA Inverters and 5 years on installation your investment is safe with us.

Why Natural Technology Systems?

Natural Technology Systems inverter

Natural Technology Systems spends time in researching the panel and inverter manufacturers, choosing only premium components with a proven efficiency and reliability history. Natural Technology systems only uses trusted and accrediated installation teams to provide quality, and clean installations to each of our customers. The Natural Technology "PRO KITS" are designed to ensure a premium installation with an excellent long term rewards.

The NTS Pro Kit has been designed to suit a wide variety of needs and situations. It is available in many sizes which are suited to your specific needs. We use a range of premium modules for our installs from 195 Watts to 255 Watts. We are able to offer both Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline modules. The entire range of modules are backed by unprecedented module manufacturer’s 25 Year Power Output Warranty.

The innovative mounting system allows the system to be fitted to corrugated metal or tile roofs and to a variety of roof shapes, quickly and simply. An average sized 3kW installation will take around half a day to complete.

Where to Install?

Natural Technology Systems will work with you to ensure efficient placement of the solar panels that will also fit in with the aesthetics of your home or office. Ideally solar panels need to match the angle of latitude to maximise efficiency. In Adelaide this figure is 34 degrees facing north. However, angles 10 degrees either side of this number only result in a 1 percent loss in efficiency making them suitable for installation. The inverter needs to be placed near the most direct electrical switchboard and we will ensure that it is professionally fitted and aesthetically acceptable.


A Grid-Connected Solar System will not only be good for your pocket. It will also help to reduce emissions to ensure generations enjoy the same things we do. For each kilowatt of solar installed it will reduce CO2 emissions by around 2 tonnes per year. This is the equivalent of taking a car off the road for around 4.5 months a year.

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