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Natural Technology Systems stock a wide range of environmentally friendly paints and finishes from their supplier, BIO Products Australia Pty Ltd.

These paints and finishes provide a healthy alternative to conventional products to prevent ecological illness such as the “sick building” syndrome. We encourage our customers to choose these paints and finishes for their homes, offices or workshops, which will reduce the risk of adverse effects on everyone living in the home environment, especially children, and on people in their workplaces. Environmentally conscious governments today are urging companies to reduce the content of Volatile Organic Compounds in their products... The team at BIO Products does so!

Bio Products paints are designed to perform to the same standard as conventional products. Most of their products have been tested according to the Australian Standard for paint products by NATA registered laboratories. Bio Products' environmental and health policies preclude the use of toxic ingredients used to enhance the performance of some conventional products.

Why would you want to buy our paint and other products?

By Dieter Groening

Well the answer is simply that they are not based on toxic chemicals!

Let me explain this point a bit further.

Back in 1975 I painted my house with conventional paints full of dieldrin , penta-chlorphenol and other dangerous cocktails. I became very sick. Many people have the same experience.

Our paint and all the other products we make are predominantly manufactured from ingredients nature has produced first. All we do is blend these raw materials together to make our paint. You can happily use them in your whole home. They are especially suited for your children’s rooms since you do not have to worry about children’s health, and even if you find that your child has eaten breakfast, lunch or dinner off their furniture, which they sometimes tend to do!

We would like to tell you that it is non-toxic, but we are not allowed to, but we can tell you that it is friendlier to the environment than any other paint available.

Now, if you have a bad reaction to chemicals or strong paint odours or have allergic reactions, this has to be the way to go – go into the future, protecting your future, protecting your future and your home environment.

Don’t you wish every one would use such a good product?

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