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NTS Solar Pro Kit

All-in-one solar power kit solutions for homes and businesses.

All-in-one grid-connect solution

A flexible design

Solar array variations

The NTS Solar Pro Kit has been designed to suit a wide variety of needs and situations. It is available in a range of sizes, modules and some kits are expandable, allowing you to add more panels as your power demand and budget grows.

The NTS Solar designed innovative mounting system includes anti-theft fittings and allows the system to be fitted to corrugated metal or tile roofs and to a variety of roof shapes.

Solar Pro Kits need little maintenance, if any. The panels may require a light clean from time to time. Your sales representative will be able to take you through how to clean your solar panels and how often cleaning will be required.

Everything you need

The NTS Solar Pro Kit includes the following:

  • Premium leading PV modules
  • Complete accessory kit, including warning labels, DC isolators and quick connect plugs and sockets.
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel fittings.
  • NTS Solar designed, high quality, certified aluminium mounting structure. Optional cyclonic fixing kits are also available for tin roofs.
  • Grid-connect inverter with a 5-year warranty and LCD display to view your solar system's performance.
  • Detailed manuals, including an easy to read owner's manual and a technical manual for installers.

Why choose a NTS Solar Pro Kit?

NTS Solar kits contain high quality components. Every element of a NTS Solar Pro Kit contributes to making sure you get more energy from your system over its entire lifespan.

The two key components of a NTS Solar Pro Kit are the solar panels and the inverter.

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