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Our Products

Batteries for Solar & Wind Applications

Natural Technology Systems stock a range of batteries for solar & wind applications.  We currently source and install the following batteries:

  • Exide Energystore Deep Cycle (with link down the page for more info)
  • Sun Xtender AGM’s
  • Sonnenchein Gel Cell

Sonnenschein Solar

Sonnenschein Solar - The compact alternative for smaller solar applications

Sonnenschein Batteries

Nominal capacities:

  • Blocks 6.6 - 230 Ah (12V), 800 cycles acc. to IEC 896-2
  • Sonnenschein SOLAR batteries are specially designed for small to medium performance requirements in leisure and consumer applications.
  • The advantages are enhanced by the worldwide high reputation and technical image of the dryfit technology.
  • Polypropylene (PP) container

Sonnenschein Solar Block - Safe power supply for medium performance

Nominal capacities:

  • Blocks 60-330 Ah (6&12V), 1200 cycles acc. to IEC 896-2
  • The Sonnenschein SOLAR BLOCK battery range with the successful dryfit technology is very powerful and reliable in rough application conditions.
  • For use in private areas and for medium industrial solar systems.
  • Polypropylene (PP) container

SonnenscheinÆ A600 Solar - Safe storage capacity for renewable energy

Nominal capacities:

  • Cells 294 - 3919 Ah (2V), 1600 cycles acc. to IEC 896-2
  • SonnenscheinÆ A600 SOLAR batteries with successful dryfit technology are developed for medium to large solar powered applications.
  • Horizontal mounting possible
  • Robust tubular plate technology
  • ABS container

For more information on Batteries for Solar & Wind Applications contact Natural Technology Systems


Sonnenschein@home Lithium

Sonnenschein Batteries

The Sonnenschein Lithium SHL48V modules are ideal when Advanced Energy Systems are required. Excellent float and cycle life with zero maintenance offers end-users significant cost of ownership savings. The state-of-the-art safety hardware offers our customers complete peace of mind.

Every module contains its own Battery Management System. Up to 6 modules can be connected in parallel. In a parallel configuration one module assumes the role of Master BMS. The Master BMS can communicate with a range of different Energy Management Systems example the Sunny Island Protocol from SMA.

Ideal for residential, commercial & industrial energy storage

High cycle life - more than 5,000 full cycles

Fast charging possible - shorter charging time

Compact design

No gas emission

Plug & Play


Energystore® battery from Exide Technologies

Exide Energystre batteries

The Energystore® battery from Exide Technologies has a proven track record in Australian RAPS. It has been performing in remote and harsh areas of Australia for over 10 years. That’s because it is designed and assembled in Australia specifically for our unique conditions.

  • Available in 4 volt and 6 volt batteries in trays with capacities up to 1800a/h @100hr rate
  • Excellent cycle* life:
    1500 cycles to 80% DOD
    2500 cycles to 505 DOD
    3300 cycles to 30% DOD
    4500 cycles to 10% DOD
  • Large electrolyte reservoir
  • Electrolyte level indicator
  • Robust tubular positive plates
  • Non conducting polyethelene outer tray
  • Easy to transport and assemble
  • Long life and low maintenance
  • Excellent prices
  • Optional automated/manual single point watering system available at an extra cost
  • Optional lid for protection from the elements at an extra cost
  • Ideally suited for solar, wind, micro-hydro, diesel and hybrid applications

Sun Xtender® Batteries from BP Solar

Sun Xtender Batteries

Sun Xtender® Batteries are the Original "AGM" (Absorbent Glass Mat) Technology Adopted by the U.S. Military and Worldwide Airframe Manufacturers.

Deep cycle unique high density plate technology provides superior reliability, power & extended cycle life.

Valve regulated (VR), sealed non-spillable design never needs watering, is maintenance free and operates upright, on its side or end. Low impedance design with excellent charge acceptance – no current limit with controlled voltage charging. Shockproof high impact reinforced case restrains bulging. Copper alloy corrosion free connections for maximum conductivity.

Sun Xtender® Providing Safe, Reliable Power Solutions Worldwide Since 1987.

Sonnenschein A600 batteries offer their high performance and reliability in both controlled and harsh uncontrolled environments. In off the grid use, the tremendous superiority of the A600 series results from the internationally experienced and successful dryfit technology. The electrolyte is fixed in gel which guarantees this battery to be completely maintenance-free.


  • Valve regulated
  • Extraordinary energy-saving features in addition with robust reliability
  • Absolutely maintenance-free during the whole service life due to the Sonnenschein gel technology
  • Container material SAN, optional in ABS UL 94 V-0
  • Nominal capacity 240 – 3500 Ah
  • Single cell
  • Up to 18/15 years design life time for cells/blocks at 20°C (80% remaining capacity)
  • 3500 cycles to 50% DoD and 5000 to over 40% DoD
  • Suitable for either horizontal or vertical placement
  • Robust tubular plate technology
  • Very low gassing due to internal gas recombination
  • Long shelf life of up to 2 years at 20°C due to very low self discharge rate
  • Proof against deep discharge according to DIN 43 539 T5
  • Trouble-free transportation of operational cells, no restrictions for air, rail an sea transportation (IATA, DGR clause A 67)
  • Completely recyclable

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